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Everyone wants trendy custom looking destroyed jeans and this video teaches us the best, and most practical way to destroy them yourself at home, avoiding the often huge markups stores can apply to these sorts of items. Taking the jeans that you intend to alter, you take a simple razor to the area you wish to rip, and lightly, in a sort of tapping motion, slash at it until you expose a whitish color in the material. Go all the way through if you wish to expose skin, but be careful where you do this, you don want to show anything unexpected.

Of course there are grocery stores. Bigger chain stores can be found in nearby towns like Talent or Medford. Bend is limited as well, being the only city in any direction for quite a ways with anything in it.. Growers at the Harvest Market seem like hobbyists of varying skill selling home grown strains unfit for purchase by clubs. The majority of these folks will go home with more money than they showed up with, but there's a tension to their sales pitches, as if they aren't getting much business, and half of all the proceeds reportedly go to charity. Rural California remains weakened by the Great Recession, and medical bud growing has become a sideline business for the desperate and risk tolerant, insiders say.

Hats are slightly more complicated if you want a nice round bit at the top, but not so much that you really need a pattern for them either. If you've done a little knitting, and know how to knit, purl, cast on, etc., a patternless hat is well within your skill level. A bit of math and a swatch, and you're golden.

They dipped came off the radar and weren't 'it' anymore but they've had the huge rise in popularity again. All you have to do is look on the streets and you'll see hundreds of women and girls who just think they're the cutting edge of fashion all over again," White said. Some other likely top (and not) looks of 2009: Sandy neutrals and tropical colors are likely to make a splash, but there might be a changing of the guard for regal purple, which has reigned for a few years.

Linda shows us how to easily tie a tie for a woman. To tie a tie: Start with the wide end of your necktie on the right. Make sure that it is longer than the one with narrow end. (That's why I don't feel so guilty about trampling the little sociopaths.) (Although if trends in childhood obesity continue, the trampling will soon be on the other big fat foot.) The only people more miserable than these adorable little crotchfruit are their parents, for whom the perfect gift might be this little beauty. (A sniper air rifle: when Ralphie grows up, he's not going to shoot his eye out; he's going to shoot someone else's eye out.) Run, little Mary, Joey and/or Sarah! Daddy's got a gun! "Oh, it's not a real gun, officer; it's a BB gun; I was just funning the little'uns. Little Oxycontin! Stop playing with your eyepatch! That scab where your eyeball used to be ain't ever going to heal if you keep pickin' at it!" That look of abject terror on a child's face, or where his face used to be: that's the real meaning of Xmas right there..

"On what?" she says. On coming second. "No prize for second place," she says.. Co branded by American Red Cross, ZoneGuard+ gives you a traditional AM/FM clock radio, but it also features weather alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Technology, allowing the user to program up to 25 unique locations. For example, you could program the device to keep you aware of pending danger in your area, while staying on top of potential emergencies where your family and friends live..