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Inventory per square foot was down 7%. The inventory we have on hand is exceptionally fresh and we have the capacity to buy into a trend if we see one. Earnings from continuing operations with the adjustments we break out in the press release were $1.06 per share for the quarter versus $1.01 last year.

Peace, love and paisley are the things you'll find at Free People, along with "Free Tibet" t shirts, wool coats and cotton tunics. Because many of their clothes are made from materials other than the cotton and polyester blends we're familiar with, Free People includes an entire glossary on their site to help you understand what you're going to be wearing. Alpaca, for example, is a thin cloth that contains wool made from descendents of the guanaco animal of Peru.

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A word on ugg boots as a fashion item. In many parts of the world, uggs are considered to be not general outdoor wear, but rather something for the occasion of "I went to my local convenience store in my pyjamas because I ran out of milk and cat food. Please do not look at me." But if traditional style isn't what you're going for and you're happy with the sloppy comfortable look, or if uggs are considered a casual fashion item in your area, then by all means enjoy uggs as more than comfy, cosy homewear.